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Creating "Pareto Chart� and �Waterfall Chart" in excel

Can anybody please let me know if ASPOSE supports creation of Pareto and Waterfall chart using ASPOSE.EXCEL. If so how to do that.

Also, if any other means of getting this done using ASPOSE.


Hi Santhosh,

Aspose.Excel supports to create all standard MS Excel chart type at run time. And it supports to import custom chart in designer spreadsheet. That means you can create your custom chart and Aspose.Excel will read it and write to result file.
I haven't found "Pareto Chart" and "Waterfall Chart" in MS Excel. Maybe you can try "Column Chart" or "Bar Chart"?
If your chart are different with the standard Excel Chart type, I suggest you to create "Pareto Chart" and "Waterfall Chart" in your designer spreadsheet(template) and use Aspose.Excel to import it.

Laurence and Santhosh,

A Waterfall Chart is simply a Stacked Column chart that has been specially formatted.

A Pareto Chart can be created in Excel by using the built-in Excel Custom chart called a Line - Column chart. I don’t see that type of chart in the Aspose.Excel ChartType collection.

Rick Schoenborn