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CreationDateTime and LastModificationDateTime

My application needs to know when contacts, appointments, and tasks in the PST were created and modified. This does not seem to be in the property list of the items and I can’t find an appropriate method to access the information.

I believe the information is stored in the PST. I was able to retrieve it using the open source “java-pstlib” code.

Can I access the information using Aspose.eMail?

Hi Steven,

Thank you for using Aspose.Email.

To retrieve your required information, you can use the PR_CREATION_TIME and PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME MapiProperties. Please have a look at the following code for your kind reference and let us know your feedback.

public static void main(String[] args) <o:p></o:p>


/// load the Outlook PST file

PersonalStorage pst = PersonalStorage.fromFile("K:\\Outlook.pst");

ExtractProperties(pst, "Calendar");

ExtractProperties(pst, "Tasks");


System.out.println("Execution Done..");


public static void ExtractProperties(PersonalStorage pst, String strFolder)


System.out.println("Displaying " + strFolder + " Info:");

// Get the Contacts folder

FolderInfo folderInfo = pst.getRootFolder().getSubFolder(strFolder);

// Loop through all the contacts in this folder

MessageInfoCollection messageInfoCollection = folderInfo.getContents();

int iItemCount = 1;

for (int i=0; i<messageInfoCollection.size();i++)


MessageInfo messageInfo = (MessageInfo)messageInfoCollection.get(i);

MapiMessage Item = pst.extractMessage(messageInfo);

System.out.println("\nItem # " + iItemCount);

System.out.println("Subject" + Item.getSubject());

System.out.println("Body" + Item.getBody());

MapiProperty propCreationTime = Item.getProperties().get(MapiPropertyTag.PR_CREATION_TIME);

System.out.println("Creation Time: " + propCreationTime.toString());

MapiProperty propModificationTime = Item.getProperties().get(MapiPropertyTag.PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME);

System.out.println("Modification Time" +propModificationTime.toString());





Thanks for prompt response. This is just the info I needed.

Hi Steven,

You are welcome and please feel free to contact us if you have any additional query. We will be glad to help you as soon as possible.