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Cropped images are fully displayed in HTML


I have the following problem with aspose Words Some of our Word documents contain pictures that are cropped in Word. Unfortunately the converted HTML document shows the complete image.

In the attached example you should not see the black square on the right side of the image. Is there some setting I should use to get the correct conversion?




Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, image cropping is not supported. See the following document for more information.

Best regards.

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your quick reply. I guess we’ll have the chop the images by hand.

We’ve run into some more issues. Can you tell me what the status of these is, or how we should handle them?

  1. images that are positioned absolutely or inline alligned to the right. Sometimes users will type a paragraph and position an image on the right side of the paragraph, within the text. On conversion the image is placed on the left side above the paragraph. Do you know of a work around?

  2. will you fully support “drawing objects” in the future? is there some way to work around them for now?

  1. Absolutely positioned images are not supported. The best workaround is using inline images instead absolutely positioned.

    2. Yes, we will support “drawing objects” in the future.

    Best regards.


Can you indicate a delivery date for the support for drawing objects? We’ll have to switch to PDF in the mean time because at present the HTML output is of no use unfortunately.



Sorry, there is no date set on export of shapes into HTML. But we will do that in the end.