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Custom Headers Information in Aspose.Web 1.6

I am evaluating aspose.web controls for our website.
I appreciate what you guys have come up with.
I wanted to ask about certain possibilities with it.
Customer goes into the website, and uploads their excel file. Now when the come to view their file in aspose.web control, I want them to customize their header information.
Initial I want to provide header information as a drop down list:
Name, Add, Add2, City, State, Zip.
Based where their data are positioned, I want them to select proper field format from the drop down list.
I know I can do this if I ask them to manually write each file, but our need is to have a drop down list.
I do not think this is super hard for you guys.

Thank you in advance,


Thank you for evaluating our product.

This control does support creating dropdownlist cells and cell-command hyperlinks. I don't completely understand your requirement' So I am not sure if these two features can solve your problem. Can you post some sample files and describe your requirement in details?

Hi Bobsov,

Actually Aspose.Grid.Web have already provided dropdownlist features. Please check for more information. And you can check our online demos at . Please choose Common Demos -> Protection/Validation demo.

Could this feature serve your need? If not, could you please give us more information about your need? Sample file and screenshot will help us greatly. Thank you very much.

Actually, I didn't see that before. I was looking for dropdownlist but I never knew it was inside validation topic. I got that now.

Thank you so much for this awesome product. I am definitely going to recommend this to my seniors.

I will evaluate thru tomorrow to finally recommend.