Custom Properties in PowerPoint


Word and Excel both have a CustomDocumentProperties collection, but PowerPoint does not. How do you read/write the custom properties?



Dear Thomas,

What properties would you like to read? Did you check Presentation class members?
It has many properties like Author, Keywords, CreateTime and etc.
Custom properties are not supported and Aspose.PowerPoint delete all “unknown” properties when saves ppt file.


Actually I wan’t to read and write custom properties, not the standard properties. So I guess that’s not possible in the current version.
Are there any plans to support the custom properties in the near future?


We have added it to our planes and can add this feature in October.


Thanks Alexey, that’s great Cool


Hi Alexey, I just downloaded the newest version of your product, but encountered the same problems? Any idea when this will be fixed?


It was little delayed but I hope we will implement it soon.