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Cyrillic and Greek alphabets garbage characters

I have some issues with converting Excel documents into CSV formatted files containing characters of the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. The CSV is written to a ByteArrayOutputStream as I want to do some modifications on the data before writing to disk. I use the method. When I don't specify a character encoding the characters are incorrectly converted. Seems to be ok as I must know the used character encoding, however it would be nice if Aspose could autodectec the character encoding. When I do specify a character encoding e.g. UTF-8, the characters are correclty converted, however there are also some garbage characters written to the outputstream.

Where do these garbage characters come from and how should I read the contents from the ByteArrayOutputStream without concerning the garbage characters?


Thanks for your posting.

Please attach your sample input file with Cyrillic and Greek words, we will convert it to csv and see the results. In case it is a bug, we will log it and provide you a fix asap.

It is working now. There seems to be a difference between using “UTF-8” and “UTF8” in the save method of the workbook.


Good to know your problem is solved.