Data Filling a Powerpoint Template File


I am doing a proof of concept analysis for this product. We have a powerpoint template in which data needs to be extracted and filled in. The objects are relatively simple and would vary from text, to excel images or embedded excel files.

We are using .NET 1.1 and might migrate to 2.0, and using SQL Server 2K as the database.

Due to sharp deadlines, I am looking at an implementation which can be achieved quickly. Towards that, is it possible using Aspose.slides, to open this template each time, datafill the objects and save it as a new file? If this is possible, I am curious as to how will we identify the various objects on each slide like the textholder etc..on the template which will be created by MS Powerpoint.

I would appreciate any information in this regard so that I can come to an conclusion on the feasibility.

Thank you,


Dear Kingshuk,

Please read Find Shape in Slide on Aspose.Slides Wiki.

Here is an excerpt from there.

All shapes added to the slides have some Alternative Text. We suggest developers to use alternative text for finding a specific shape. You can use MS PowerPoint to define the alternative text for objects which you are planning to change in the future.