DataLabels are not visible when we open the file in MS Excel-2010 version


Hi Team,

I have an excel file with a bar graph and data labels. When I open the file in excel versions like 2013 and 2016 the labels are visible properly.
But when I open the same file in Excel 2010, the labels are not visible.

Please find below the excel file and the sample java code I used.

Kindly provide an early update.

Thanks in advance
Yasaswini ChallaAspose (17.2 KB)



Thanks for the code segment and template file.

I tried to evaluate your issue using your code segment but there are certain objects, variables and their attributes/values for which I am not sure. Please provide us complete runnable sample code (Java Program), so we could execute your sample code seamlessly without any adjustments to reproduce the issue. Also provide some screenshots to highlight the issue regarding chart’s datalabels when opening the output file in MS Excel 2013 Vs 2010.

PS. Please try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for Java v19.5.x (if you are not already using it).


Hi Amjad,

Please find below the latest files attached also the runnable java code.

Yasaswini ChallaAspose (51.3 KB)



Thanks for the sample project.

I did evaluate your issue further using your sample code. I noticed the issue in MS Excel 2007/2010. But I found it is itself MS Excel 2007/2010 limitation or behavior as there is no “Value from Cells” option available in MS Excel 2010/2007, see the screenshot for your reference:

“Value from Cells” option is included in newer versions of MS Excel. So, how could you perform the task in MS Excel 2007/2010. If you can, kindly do provide the file (MS Excel 2010 should show your desired data labels precisely), we will check it soon.