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Date format setting when rendering

Thank you for your support ,

I would like discuss about the existing post.

Please refere to the following site,

This site says mmm –month as an abbreviation (Jan–Dec)
In my opinion, Aspose shoud work in accordance with this specification.

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Well, we already told you that with different scenarios MS Excel gives different formatted results. If you think that “Jan” is the correct formatted result but others users may think “1” is correct formatted one. I am afraid, we cannot support to use different formatting logics for different users at the same time. Also, we don’t know how MS Excel determines the used regional settings for those different scenarios. The most definite regional setting is specifying the region in custom pattern, such as using “[$-411]”, MS Excel gives “1” for Jan. And for programs in both C# and Java when formatting month with ja-JP locale, the result is “1” instead of Jan too, so we use this formatting rule.

Thanks for your understanding!

Hello team,

Thank you for your support,

Could you tell me how condition does excel shows “1” when data format is “mmm” except for the default language of MS-Excel is set en-US and regional setting of machine is ja-JP?

I would like to confirm your saying that MS-Excel will show you different output is correct or not.
Sorry for bothering you.

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I have logged your comments against your issue “CELLSNET-45410” into our database. Our concerned developer from product team will evaluate and investigate it further and we will get back to you soon.

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Thanks for considering Aspose.Cells.

When custom formatting is [$-411]MMM, this formatting pattern denotes, the datetime should be formatted with ja-JP. And MS-Excel gives 1 for month January. We don’t know what’s the rule that MS-Excel uses to determine whether the month should be formatted as 1 or Jan. For Aspose.Cells component, it does not need MS-Excel and it is impossible for this component to know whether the language of MS-Excel used by one user is same with the machine’s default setting. We can only detect and use three regional settings: the default region of the application environment, the specified region set by user for one Workbook object, the specified region in the custom pattern. For the priority, region custom pattern is highest, region specified on Workbook is middle, default region of environment is lowest.