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DateTime from Double

Hi. I could not find any source examples to calculate DateTime value from Double value.

I have a custom formula, that links to cell with DateTime. But when i tried to receive value of this cell, Aspose.Cells ReferredArea returns Double value. So i unable to find any constructor with Double. Can you help me with it?

DateTime getDateTimeValue(Object object) {
        if (object instanceof DateTime) {
            return (DateTime) object;
        } else if (object instanceof Double) {
            //TODO There is code to calculate datetime from double
            return new DateTime();
        } else if (object instanceof ReferredArea) {
            return getDateTimeValue(((ReferredArea) object).getValue(0, 0));
        } else {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported type " + object);

    void test() {
        Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
        Cells cells = workbook.getWorksheets().get(0).getCells();

        cells.get("A1").putValue(new DateTime(1900, 1, 1));

        CalculationOptions options = new CalculationOptions();
        options.setCustomEngine(new AbstractCalculationEngine() {
            public void calculate(CalculationData calculationData) {
                if ("MYDATEFUNC".equalsIgnoreCase(calculationData.getFunctionName())) {
                    Object paramValue = calculationData.getParamValue(0);
                    DateTime dateTime = getDateTimeValue(paramValue);
                    DateTime newValue = new DateTime(dateTime.getYear(), dateTime.getMonth(), dateTime.getDay());


        assertEquals("02.01.1900", cells.get("A2").getDisplayStringValue());

Best regards. Alexey


For your requirements, you may get the DateTime value by getting the corresponding cell via the API:
workbook.Worksheets[referredArea.SheetName].Cells[referredArea.StartRow, referredArea.StartColumn].DateTimeValue

Hope, this help a bit.