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DCX (Multipage PCX) to PDF


Just interested to know if ASPOSE pdf or the pdf kit can work with DCX images. We have an older fax server that utilizes this format and would like to convert these faxes to PDF. From my research on DXC it is basically a PCX (Paintbrush) file that has multiple pages.



Hi Kerry,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thank you for considering Aspose.Pdf.

I am afraid; your required feature is not supported at the moment. I have registered a new feature request in our issue tracking system with issue id: PDFNEWNET-34207. Our development team will further investigate the requirement and see if this can be supported soon. We will notify you via this forum thread regarding any updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for your patience.

Can you please share some sample DCX files so that we can further look into this requirement.
Hi Kerry,

Thanks for your patience.

We have further investigated the requirement of converting DCX files to PDF format and I am sorry to inform you that we might not be able to support this feature, because pcx and in particular dcx are old formats and now they are used rarely. Instead you may using the following workaround:

1. use free utility to convert DCX/PCX into jpg (or tiff);
2. use (for example) the next code to obtain pdf


//Instantiate a Pdf object by calling its empty constructor

Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Pdf pdf1 = new Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Pdf();

//Create a section in the Pdf object

Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Section sec1 = pdf1.Sections.Add();

//Create an image object in the section

Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Image image1 = new Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Image(sec1);

//Add image object into the Paragraphs collection of the section


//Set the path of image file

image1.ImageInfo.File = "C:/Images/Apple.jpg";

//Set the type of image using ImageFileType enumeration

image1.ImageInfo.ImageFileType = Aspose.Pdf.Generator.ImageFileType.Jpeg;

//Set image title

image1.ImageInfo.Title = "JPEG image";

//Save the Pdf


We are sorry for this inconvenience.