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Debating on whether to buy Aspose

Hi there,

I have this project which is to spit a report in excel with everything built from scratch. I am going to attach the report file they need. I have given an estimate of 60 hours but not sure if this can be done within that time frame. I am not looking for solutions, but rather need an advice whether this can be doable using aspose. I need to present to my manager on why i need to buy aspose and how it could help me in completing this project.

let me know if you need any explanation on the variable vs static data. Row 1 through row 13 are static, they do not come from the database. The rest are variable, sql driven data.

Please advise!!



Well, I think Aspose.Cells for .NET can support your needs very well. I saw your Excel file and especially the “Perfect Flowchart” sheet. In this sheet you have used many Excel features, e.g Merging Cells, Text alignments, Apply Font attributes, PageSetup features, Cells formattings (foreground/background colors etc.), Set Formulas, Apply Numbers formattings (especially accounting etc.), Zoom factor, borders, set row heights and column widths etc. Aspose.Cells supports all these features and you may do it via APIs Set provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET. It also supports to import/export from/to a variety of data sources including back end server’s databases. You may create your desired spreadsheets from the scratch and also you may manipulate your existing template Excel files.

I recommend you to kindly check the following documents to implement your requirement, the following documents will give you the references on the MS features used in your template Excel file:

Thank you.

Thank You very much Amjad. I will look into the examples but I do now know that this is possible using Aspose. i might have to suggest the numbers higher that it will take to complete this as its going to be a learning phase for me. Thanks once again.