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Debugging with Aspose components and watches

Hi all,

WHy when debugging and stepping through my code can I not effectivally use watches on Aspose objects? The objects themselves list in the watch window, however, any collection within this object (eg, slides, shapes, slidemasters) fails to list its indexed members.

This (IMHO) is a major shortcoming, for example I have written a program that iterates shapes, checks alternatetext and changes the text if certain criteria are met. however, just before asaving the presentation and exiting procedure I want to debug the presentation object to make sure the changes have worked (stepping through indicates string replacements do happen). So I would add a watch to the presentation.slides object, use the drill down to select slide X, then drill down to shapes (Y), then textframe, then text, ect.

This works on every other object I’ve ever encountered (Powerpoint objects themselves, my collections, other collections), why not yours? why won’t it list the members? as it stands I can not devise a way of effectivally debugging the sample above when you don’t know in advance what X and Y are…

It’s worth noting that in the above example, after write of presentation, the changes that seemed to happen haven’t happened. hence why I’m trying to debug…




People from Microsoft tell it’s “by design” in VS 2003 debugger.
Please check for example this thread.

Thanks for the info and link, I had a look for this but my ‘google-fu’ is not as strong as yours!

If you ask me thats a right kick in the n*ts! sorry to bother you with non aspose related stuff in your forums! It’s the first time I saw this behaviour (if you can call it that, perhaps ‘added value’ is a better, more Microsoft, term). I did not realise it had nothing to do with your objects so my apologies…