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Decimal aligned tabs are incorrectly aligned in PDF

When I convert a word document containing decimal tabstop settings the generated PDF is incorrect. The text is not formatted according to the decimal tab but the text gets left aligned. Especially with overviews of numerical/money data this is unacceptable for my end users.

Does anybody has the same problem and if so can I do something about it.

Floris Zwarteveen

Thanks for considering Apose.

Could you attach the word document in this post? We want to check out this problem and try to find out reasons.

Alternatively you can directly contact me with email: .

Hi Kevin,

Ofcourse you can receive the documents. I will send you the zip with three documents:

- the word document (btw merged with Aspose.Words trial version)

- the intermediate xml document

- the final PDF document

You can find the problem with the decimal tabs on page three in the Word document which is page 2 in the PDF document (which is a bug also!). There you can find a table with money values in the last column. These money values are aligned on the decimal separator. In Word you see the money values are aligned on the decimal separator while in the PDF document the values are left aligned (on the start on the money value).

I hope you have enough info otherwise please let me know.

regards Floris

Dear Floris,

Decimal aligned tab stops are not supported in the current version. I have added this task into our schedule. I hope we can support it next month.