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When creating documents with Aspose.Pdf, there is an 'OpenType' property. I need to be able to do the same as this for existing PDFs.


pdf.OpenType = Aspose.Pdf.OpenType.Bookmarks

Is this possible with Aspose.Pdf.Kit, or is this something that you could add.

Hello Chris,

I am sorry to inform you that, this feature is not yet supported in Aspose.Pdf.Kit


Please try ChangeViewerPerference(int viewerAttribution) in PdfContentEditor class.

This seems to be the sort of option that I want, however the ViewerPreference contants don't seem to include one for showing the bookmarks. I imagine that this is a fairly straightforward option (and it is supported in Aspose.Pdf), so is there any chance it could be added to Aspose.Pdf.Kit soon as it is fairly important for what I am trying to do,



BTW, the method name ChangeViewerPerference is mispelt. It should be ChangeViewerPreference


Thank you for pointing that out. We will correct the method name in our next version.

We will also investigate the option of showing the bookmarks and inform you in this thread when that could be supported.


Dear Chris,

Thank you for your advice.

As for the showing the bookmark when the pdf document is opened, you can use the property PageModeUseOutlines in the ViewerPreference class, that is to say, you can use ChangeViewerPerference(ViewerPreference.PageModeUseOutlines) in PdfContentEditor class to finish your task. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to inform me.