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DefaultCellTextInfo on a Table Cell

I have a need to change the text color on a cell by cell basis. None of the changes that I make to the DefaultCellTextInfo property on the Table Cell are applying. Only the changes made on the DefaultCellTextInfo property on the Table itself are applying. I've removed all of the changes to the DefaultCellTextInfo on the Table to make sure they're not overriding the cell level property. Any ideas?

Alright, I figured it out. You can’t change the DefaultCellTextInfo property after the cell has been added. Is this by design? If so, you should make this property ReadOnly.

The process I used is as follows:

1) Create a TextInfo object and set its properties
2) Call the Add method on the Row to create a cell passing in the cell’s value and the TextInfo
3) Set the remainding properties on the cell.

Also, it would be easier if the constructor of the Cell object took the cell’s value as a parameter.

Please refer to SettingRowAndColumnFormat . Please clone a new object when setting the properties.