Deleting Extra Generated Blank Page


I’m using aspose.word for generating word that time of Mail Merge
the Database Record is more than the page then it’ll display next’s work
perfectly.but when the record is less then the page then also it’ll display Blank page so how to delete this blank page.or how to try to not generating this Blank page.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

First, which type of mail merge are you using, simple or with regions? Also, if possible attach your document templates - one before performing mail merge and another after performing mail merge. This will let us give you proper suggestion.


Thank you response.
i am Using execute with regions.
the code iz just like ur demo code of employeereportsdemo template
so it’ll display one by one record in the same page


Please attach your document template though. It is impossible to resolve this problem without having a look at the template.