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Deleting text from bookmark

I just started testing the Word/PDF products this morning to fill some project requirements I have and noticed some things that seemed to be missing from the product that are available in MS Word. The first was the ability to read the text from a bookmark. Someone had already posted about this so I’ll wait for the response there.

My bigger question though, is how should I delete the text in a bookmark when inserting new text at the bookmark position? I don’t see any way of deleting the bookmark or setting the text to “” or anything. Is there some way of creating a range around a single bookmark so that it can be deleted?

Also, there are multiple references on this forum to Bookmarks.Item() method but I don’t have this with the downloadable version available yesterday. I’ve verified that I am using the version.


We are trying to build object model similar to MS Word, but I must admit we a quite far away from making it complete.

I’ll probably add ability to retrieve text from a bookmark in the next few days. I’m not so sure about deleting bookmark text or changing it, timeline for this could be 2-3 months because of the other features we are working on.

I’d recommend you use bookmarks to navigate to a place inside a document and insert text there - it’s easy. Try to avoid having the text in the template document - in this case you don’t need to delete it.

You need to use Bookmarks[ n ], not Bookmarks.Item. In VB.NET I guess its Bookmarks( n ).