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Demo Installation Issue

Hi There,

I have downloaded and intstalled the Barcode for Reporting Services demo onto our SQL 2005 server (Standard Edition 32 bit). Everything appears and installed as normal. All I had to do was add the component to the VS2005 toolbox. However when I try to drag on a barcode the following error occurs.

I have checked the configuration files and they appear to have the correct entries within them.

'The customer report item is not installed’

Please advise as I would like to evaluate this product with a view to purchasing.

Many thanks


Hi Mark,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please check out the flash video tutorial at http://www.aspose.com/documentation/ssrs-rendering-extensions/aspose.barcode-for-reporting-services/aspose-barcode-manual-configuration-with-microsoft-sql-server-reporting-services-2005.html to verify your configuration files changes. Both SQL 2005 and VS 2005 config files needs to be edited and dll should also be placed in the required directories. You can easily find out each step in detail in the above video.

If still you are facing problems, please post the config files here. I will take a look and try to fix.

However, we are working on the auto configuration tool to make it better, so that zero manual configuration would be required.

I have watched the video, and all looks correct, however still getting the error. Please find config files attached.

The dll files are also placed within the correct folders.



The config files are correct. It should work if the dlls are also placed in the respective folders.

Are you using the latest version of BarCode for Reporting Services? Please also try to restart SQL Server and re-open VS 2005 for the config file changes to take effect.

I downloaded what I believe to be the latest version of the software.

Please find attached locations of dll’s.

Re-start of services had no effect, still getting the error.



Are you using a single PC or 2 PCs? The location of the dlls is also correct by the way in case of single system (single system for DB and development).

In case of single machine, it should not be a problem. But in case of 2 PCs, the dll should be copied to the common7/IDE/PrivateAssemblies folder of the development system, where the VS 2005 is installed (where you are creating the Report Server project).

I have installed this directly onto our server and have run VS2005 from the server as well to develop reports. So it is a single configuration.

Could you please try v1.7 that is just released on Nov 21. Please uninstall previous version from the Control Panel --> Add Remove Programs and then install it. I hope this will work for you. Sorry for any inconvenience so far. You can download directly from http://www.aspose.com/community/files/52/ssrs-rendering-extensions/aspose.barcode.reporting.services/entry153669.aspx.