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Demo works ok on PPT 2003- but example on download doesn't

 The example on the website works with powerpoint 2003, however the example that comes with the application does not.   I even downloaded and installed the hot fixes.  Recompiled and get the same problem (Can't read document).    Could you post a fix with the trial version.   <BR>    Also could you include an example that adds slide at the end of the presentation.<BR>How long will it be for this application to be at the level as Word?

Dear Frediomar,

Thanks for your consideration.

Examples on the website and in the installer are the same so it must work.
Is it possible you have old version of Aspose.PowerPoint in the GAC?

About adding slides. This feature (creating new presentations, slides, notes etc.) will be implemented in the Professional edition.
Now you can only use existing presentation as template without possibility to add or delete slides.

I think it will take 3-4 months to be on the same level as Aspose.Word.

Remove old version and installing new version of the program fixed the problem for me.

When will the Professional edition be available. My company needs this capability as soon as possible. Thxs.

Dear Frediomar,

We will create Standard and Professional editions as soon as possible but for Professional it will take at least 3 weeks.
As a more quick solution we can do possibility to clone slides. Is it appropriate for the first time?

 I will tell you what the application does:    The first slide is a title page with header, footer, title, subtitle and  a small jpg.  The secon slide contains  footer and a large textbox in the center.   The information for the second, third, fourth..... etc slides.    The contents of slides 2 on up changes but the different elements positions don't change on the slides.   <BR>     I don't know how cloning is done and if it can acomplish the desire results.<BR><BR>Thanks your assistance

Dear Frediomar,

We didn’t implement it yet but it can be done on next week.

For example if 3, 4, etc slides must be the same as second one then to add new copy of the second slide at the end of slides collection you will write something like this:

where 2 is a position of the new slide.

I tried the code above on the demo provided and it did not work. It complains about
CloneToEnd() or CloneTo(2).

On the demo I wrote pres.Slides[1].CloneToEnd(); or pres.Slides[1].CloneTo(5); right after the declaration of pres.

Any pointers?


Dear Frediomar,

Did you read my answer carefully?
I wrote: "We didn’t implement it yet but it can be done on next week."
I will keep you posted when it will be ready.

Thank you.

Any news on the new release on PPT where you can clone a slide or simply create a new one?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Dear Frediomar,

I’m sorry for delay.
Slide cloning will be ready in a couple of days.

Dear Frediomar,

Slide cloning was implemeted.
Please check new hot fix Aspose.PowerPoint 1.1.2