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I’ve just downloaded your demo for review. There is nothing that explains how to use your Excel component within Visual Studio .NET. In loading the VB sample project within VS.NET, the 2 aspx pages seem to be pages directly from your website. They do not make sense to me. Your “Getting Started” page is basically a sales plug without information on how to actually get started using your product. Am I missing something?

Is AsposeExcel a componant you can drag onto a webform that has methods and properties and a programming interface? If so, how do you do this?

I am currently looking for a spreadsheet component to replace one we are currently using called “Spread for Web” by Farpoint Technologies. This component has a great API, but is way too slow for our users.

Please advise.

Dear raydlg,

Thanks for your consideration of Aspose.Excel.

1. I agree with you 100% on that our documentation is poor or lacking. We’re trying to improve that otherwise that would kill this excellent product. But most of us are not native English speaker, so it’s likely to spend more time to write English than write code. So I’m expecting your understanding and patience for now.

2. Currently Aspose.Excel is implemented as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reading and writing component. As it is UI-less so you can not drag it to your web pages in the Visual Studio .Net.

3. I know some on what Spread for Web is and I bet Aspose.Excel can be an excellent alternative if you can just deliver Microsoft Excel speadsheets to you customers which can be opened in a web page. In this case, Aspose.Excel is a super spreasdsheet creating engine and even it can produce Microsoft Excel spreadsheets much quicker than Microsoft Excel Automation, almost 10-1000 times. This benchmark was done by one of our customers, I would love to provide more details to you if you request it, given permitted by that customer.

4. However, if you need a UI control that enables your customers to operate data stored in a spreadsheet, I would like to invite you to check the proposed Aspose.Excel.Suite. Feel free to post your feature requests there and I thank you for your valuable input in advance.

What do you think?