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Dependence on System.Drawing

For our application we wish to be able to utilise Aspose.Words from within Sql Server using a CLR trigger.
The reason for this is that when someone adds a new document we would like to be able to automatically merge the merge fields without the user having to do anything else.
The framework we use doesn’t allow us to catch this event before it hits the database and therefore we ideally need to use an Sql Server Trigger.
Now I have built the trigger and then tried to load it into Sql Server and found that I couldn’t because of the dependency on System.Drawing - which along with a few other specific .net assemblies is unavailable from within Sql Server.
Therefore I was wondering if there was anyway to build a special version of Aspose.Words that doesn’t require System.Drawing, and if such a thing was possible (I know I’m pushing my luck here) what functionality we would lose from not having System.Drawing.

Thanks for your request. I will consult with our developers and provide you more information.
Best regards.

Thank you for your interest.
It is not possible to cut out System.Drawing easily. One of the things that Aspose.Words uses from System.Drawing is actually Color. Another thing that we rely on is Image codecs.
We do have plans to abstract away System.Drawing. Especially because we want to produce Aspose.Words for Silverlight some time in the futre, removing a dependency on drawing is a good idea. However, it cannot be done overnight. This is a feature that we will work on, hopefully some time in 2009.