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Deploying to SharePoint 2010


I have created a SharePoint 2010 web part using Aspose.pdf to convert a pdf to a png. I created the WSP and deployed it to SharePoint. When I try to load the site, I get an error message. The log file indicates the error is 'Cannot load file or assembly aspose.pdf".

What is the correct method to deploy the Aspose libraries to SharePoint 2010? I tried copying aspose.pdf.dll to the SharePoint Web Extension bin directory (the same location as the wsp).



Hello Paul,

Thanks for using our products.

Can you please share from which folder of Aspose.Pdf for .NET installation directory, you are using aspose.pdf.dll? In case you are using aspose.pdf.dll from net4.0 folder, please try using the one present under net4.0_ClientProfile folder. In case the problem still persists, please share some details regarding your development and deployment environment. We are really sorry for this inconvenience.

I have SharePoint installed on my development computers (Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint 2010). I have a project that works correctly on my development machine. My project is using .Net 3.5. I have included a reference to Aspose.pdf for .Net 3.5.

I moved the WSP file created by the project to my production SharePoint server, used the STSADM utility to add the webpart to SharePoint, deployed and activated the web part on the production server.

When I try to display the page, I am given an error message that the 'Aspose.pdf" file cannot be found. I tried copying the aspose.pdf.dll file to the bin directory of the production SharePoint machine but that did not help.

Do I need to build the wsp project differently to include your dlls or do I need to copy them to another location?


Hello Paul ,

Thanks for sharing the details. Can you please confirm, what is the .NET framework version over deployment server ? and what is the Operating System version over deployment server. We are really sorry for your inconvenience.