Designer Chart and data range



I use an excel template with a chart in it to setup the correct formatting for the whole chart object. All works fine, but when the data series range that I assign during program flow exceeds the range that has been setup in the template, only those labels are displayed as they were in the template.

This is my code, where I assig range and labels - I checked the values, they are correct.
excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].NSeries.Add(range, true);
excel.Worksheets[0].DesignCharts[0].NSeries.CategoryData = labels;

Is this a bug or does it work as designed?

Michael Mann


Dear Michael,

Could you please send me your template and sample code? I will check this issue right now.



I sent an email with the same subject.

Michael Mann


Hi Michael,

Acutually in previous version, Category Data in designer charts cannot be changed at run time. I will add this feature in next hotfix.


Hi Laurence,

because this is critical to my application, can you tell me when this will be?



Tomorrow I will release a hotfix for you.