Designer Dynamic Formula question / Feature request(?)


Hi laurence,

the SmartMarker is a very powerful mechanism. i am currently exploring ways to maximize its use in some of my projects. i am particularly impressed with the Dynamic Formula implementation which should unlock many possibilities.

however, it often required that a formula for a cell refers to other properties such as the total number of rows. Take ranking as an example, to insert a column that displays the rank of another data column returned from a data table, means inserting an Excel formula that performs ranking (e.g., RANK(C2,C$2:C$16)).

the challenge here will be to get the number of rows returned. Dynamic Formula currently supplies options {r} and {c} that refers to current row and column numbers. is it possible to add new options such as {nr} that returns the number of rows in the dataset?

so the repeating dynamic formula becomes:
&=&=RANK(C{r}, C${r}:C${nr})

does this make sense? or perhaps an easier way (perhaps through the use of variables)?

thanks for your consideration,


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will consider this feature carefully and response you later.