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Designer for Aspose.Pdf

I’ve evaluated several PDF components and so far your documentation seems to be the best for creating PDF files on the fly. However, I think there is one thing that all of the PDF Component makers are missing.

Create an interface (web or windows app) that will allow you to visually built the layout of the PDF. Then with a click of button it will generate the code in VB or C# (users choice) that is needed to actually draw these elements in code.

This will save hours of development time and prevent us from having to try and figure out size, coordinates, etc.

I’m sure that if you were to include something like this you would be the ONLY one with such a feature.

P.S. You may also want to consider including Bar Code generation.

Keep up the good work!


Dear TIM,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

That’s an excellent idea. I think this feature will make all products of Aspose esaier to use. Our team will consider implementing such function when we make plan for the future work.

Thank’s again for your suggestion.

Dear Tim,

You can have a designer for Aspose.Pdf in 3 ways.

1. Take Microsoft Word as the designer. You can have Microsoft Word as your designer then use Aspose.Word to create an xml file that can be understood by Aspose.Pdf. Bind this xml with Aspose.Pdf you can create your Pdf document. More info please check the demos included in Aspose.Word.

2. Take Adobe Acrobat as the designer. Design a template in existing Pdf document creation tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word with Acrobat Add-in, etc. AsposePdf loads the template then write some dynamic data to create the Pdf documents as expected. The Aspose.Pdf Team is working on Pdf document reading so shortly you can have this facility.

3. We are proposing Aspose.Crystal and this product will include a fully interactive designer. The output of this designer can be a Pdf document.