Detecting empty pages in aspose


Is there an easy way of detecting and removing empty pages in aspose, As more often then not after a merge there is a empty page in the document

Thanks Mike


We normally don't have any empty pages during mail merge. Let's find out what causes the empty pages in your case. Post your documents as before and after mail merge and explain how you do that with what sort of data.


Its not to do with the mail merge process, its more to do with the text iam merging consumes a whole page then has a carrage return on the end hence leaving an empty page. I just have a general need to detect empty pages in a document. Is there a simple way of doing this?


Unfortunately, you can only detect empty pages that are hard coded, i.e. formed by explicit PageBreaks insertion (Ctrl-Enter in MS Word).

Empty pages that are formed like you've described maybe detected only after rendering Document to a specified page size.

So, empty page detection as well as page-by-page document analysis in general can only appear in Aspose.Word.Viewer release.


Ok thanks very much, this is as I expected - what is aspose.word.viewer out of interest?


Aspose.Word.Viewer is included in Aspose.Word.dll. It is still in beta stage though. Read this article for more detailed information.


this link is broken?


Sorry, here is a correct link