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Determine location on page

I am creating a pdf document that contains multiple sections. When I start each section I change the information that is contained in the header. The problem that I am having is that I do not want to start a new page each time I create a section, but I would like to know the location I am at in the page to determine if I have to create a new page.

For example, If I have written a section to the pdf document and I am almost at the bottom of the page, I would like to create a new page for the next section. How can I determine where on the page I last wrote text?

Dear rybobcat,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The feature you want is not available. In Aspose.Pdf, you put all contents into the document object model and Aspose.Pdf renders those contents into pages. When you are adding your contents, pages are not created so it can’t tell you the current position.