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Dictionaries, Spelling Suggestions


I’m converting my application from Microsoft Interop word to Aspose word. Below properties from Microsoft word to Aspose not able to find. Please kindly help me.

  1. Word.SpellingSuggestions - The SpellingSuggestion object is a member of the SpellingSuggestions collection. The SpellingSuggestions collection includes all the suggestions for a specified word or for the first word in the specified range.

  2. How to get all registered Dictionaries collection (Hyphenation)
    For Each custDictionary In oWordApp.CustomDictionaries
    If custDictionary.Name = “SampleCustom.dic” Then
    CustomDictionaryAdded = True
    End If

  3. wordDocument.SpellingErrors() - Get all words with spelling errors. So I can perform on it.
    Dim oErrors = wordDocument.SpellingErrors()

             For i = 1 To oErrors.Count
                 Dim currWord = oErrors.Item(i).Text
                 //My Code is here



Thanks for your inquiry.

Please note that spelling suggestion is MS Word (Application) level setting and does not store in the document. Therefore it cannot be controlled by Aspose.Words. This is completely controlled by the viewer which opens the document.

Please refer to the following article about hyphenating the dictionary.
How to Hyphenate Words of Specified Languages

Could you please share your input document along with expected output? We will then provide you more information on it.

Please note that all text of the document is stored in Runs of text. Please use Run.Font.NoProofing property to check either the formatted characters are set to be spell checked or not. The value of this property is true when the formatted characters are not to be spell checked.