Difference between the 2 Aspose.Cells.zip files in Java 1.6.0 release


I just downloaded the Aspose.Cells Java release and the zip I down loaded contains 2 Aspose.Cells.zip files. The Aspose.Cells.jar files are different sizes and one contains a couple other .jar files. (backport-uitl-concurrent.and retrotranslator-runtime-0.9.8.jar). The readme files in both are identical. What are the differences?

Thanks, Steve


Dear Steve,

From the folder name, you can see that one is for JDK1.4(in this version, jar files includes a couple other .jar files for this purpose), and another is for JDK5.0.

We will update the readme files. Thank you.


Hi Laurence,

Sorry. I knew it was there somewhere. I was using the classic view of Winzip and was trying to unzip just the version I needed. I didn't notice the path name until you just pointed it out.