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Difference in the barcode generated by ASPOSE


We are using ASPOSE barcode API to generate the barcode in our java application. We are generating 'CODE128' barcode format. The linear barcode can be read from the two sides. So when we read the partial barcode using the barcode scanner it's not providing the extact value which we have used to generate the barcode. The same senerio we have tested with the barcode generated with other open source API's. Those barcode are read properly.

More over the barcode image looks visually different with ASPOSE and other API's. Even we tried to generate the barcode using the demo link in the aspose site. it also generated barcode similar to what we got thru the aspose barcode api.

The visual difference we found is only when all the value is numerials. For example we generated the barcode using the sample text '1234567890' using aspose & barbecue open source api. The two barcode images looks different. where as when we tried to partially read those barcode in reader the barbecue api generated barcode is read properly. where as the value what we got when we read the aspose generated barcode is not correct.

But when we generated another set of barcode using another sample text 'A1234567890' in the both the API's it looks similar visually.

Please tell us if there is any specific paramters that we need to set when we generate the barcode....We have already purchased licensed copy for aspose barcode for our application. we are waiting for your quick reply.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Mouli,

Could you please post some sample pictures (generate by aspose & others)?

There are 3 CodeSets in Code128 symbology, the A, B and C CodeSet. The attached images are showing the difference. Could you please test all of them with your scaner?


I have attached the sample zip files in the attachement section. File name gives you the barocode type & standard (A,B or C).


I'd explored the images and found that the one generated by barbecue use two Sets, the attached images tell more details. You should find that the barbecue use Set_B as start but it change to Set_C at once, and none of the codetext had been encoded in Set_B, in my opinion the Start Set_B is redundant and just increase the barcode's length, it can be use Set_C directly.So that's why the images are "visual difference".

And back to your first post, you'd wrote

"when we read the partial barcode using the barcode scanner it's not providing the extact value which we have used to generate the barcode"

Could you provide more details information about "read the partial barcode"? What's the "partial" means?