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Digital Sign pdf - How to

After using codes in aspose.pdf.kit document, I still failed to digitally sign pdf file.

string inFile=TestPath + "example1.pdf";
string outFile=TestPath + "signature.pdf";
Certificate cert=new Certificate(TestPath+"nameFile.pfx","pssd");
PdfFileSignature pdfSign=new PdfFileSignature(cert);
System.Drawing.Rectangle rect=new System.Drawing.Rectangle(100,100, 200, 100);

I am not so sure what I should do?

I heard the aspose software improved the Digital signature feature, but I did not see any code sample.

Please share your thoughts, thanks!

Hi Nelson,

The code you are using is fine. I have used the same code snippet at my end and signed a file digitally. Can you please share the PDF file and a sample certificate you’re having problem with? We’ll test with that and update you accordingly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.