Disabling Form Field checkboxes when saved as PDF

Hi, I have a WORD document with form fields (checkboxes and TextBoxes) when I save the document to PDF I set the SaveOptions.PdfExportFormFieldsAsText = false so that the form fields can be Exported and editable in PDF format, however I have a requirement where I want the TextBoxes editable but not the Checkboxes. I set the ‘Checkbox Enabled’ property of the Checkbox in word to ‘false’ but the checkbox is still editable when saved as PDF. Is there anyway to disable just the checkboxes. FYI even when I set the textbox property ‘Enable Fill-in’ from within MSWord to false the textbbox is still allows me enter data in PDF. I am missing a property that I must set?
I am using aspose.pdf and Aspose.Word

Thank you for your inquiry.
Read-only mode form fields are already implemented. Please suggest upgrading to the latest versions.
Aspose.Words 5.1.0:
Please let is know if you have further questions or suggestions.

Do I need to purchase these components or will my current license work with these versions.

If the components versions you referred are the first you started with then you can upgrade for free. Aspose licenses allow free upgrades within one year after purchase date. If you open a license file you can see expiration date there.
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I qualify to download the latest pdf version with my current licence but not Words. The latest version for words I qualify for is…does this version support read only form fields?

I apologize. Read-only mode was implemented in 5.1.0. You can either work-around by inserting IsReadOnly attribute into the intermediate XML programmatically or upgrade your license.

Hello, I am now using aspose.pdf 3.6.2 and words 5.1.0, however I am having problems locating the “readOnly” property. When I convert a word doc to pdf there are certain fields I wish readonly namely (check boxes) and certain fields (text boxes) I wish to remain editable when in PDF. I’ve checked both words and pdf libraries and I do not see this in the online documentation.
Can you direct me to the online help regarding this functionality.
Thank you

Thank you for your inquiry and for upgrading.
You can set read-only mode with this property of FormField class:
Also you can set them read-only in MS Word. Please let me know whether this helps.