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Discrepancy in the Image color

I was trying to convert a VSDX image to Png using aspose.diagram. But after conversion i found the color change in the boxes through out the visio document. The aspose diagram version being used is 19.7.
vsdx.png is the snapshot of vsdx file i was trying to convert and image.png is the converted file i got from aspose.

vsdx.PNG (129.6 KB)
image.PNG (201.4 KB)


Would you please share the sample Diagram file with us along with the sample code snippet. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Thanks for consideration @asad.ali. I have attached the details below.

Code snippet:

//Code to extract PNG from Vsdx file

    var diagram = new Diagram(visioFilePath);
    var options = new Aspose.Diagram.Saving.ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.PNG);
    var pngPath = Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), "test.png");
    diagram.Save(pngPath, options);
   	return pngPath;

Visio (152.9 KB)

The visio file within the zip is present in visioFilePath in local machine.


Thanks for sharing requested files.

We have tested the scenario in our environment with Aspose.Diagram for .NET 19.7 and were able to reproduce the issue. We have logged it as DIAGRAMNET-51670 in our issue tracking system for the sake of correction. We will further look into details of the issue and keep you posted with the status of its rectification. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you @asad.ali for logging the issue.
I hope you are working in the ticket ID: DIAGRAMNET-51670 .

Could you please let me know the status or by when can i expect the fix?


As the issue is logged recently in our issue tracking system, it is pending for analysis. As soon as we investigate it, we will be able to share some feedback regarding its resolution time. Please be patient and spare us little time.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as DIAGRAMNET-51670) have been fixed in Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.11.