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Do I need to install the ASPOSE.EXCEL msi package on the production web server?

Aspose.Excel works great on my personal server(IIS 6.0) where the ASPOSE.EXCEL msi package was installed.
I made a build to another development server where ASPOSE.EXCEL msi package was not installed. On this server I am getting an error “Server Application Unavailable”. Copy local was set to true for ASPOSE.EXCEL.dll when the build to the dev server was done.
What are the steps involved when transferring a project that uses ASPOSE.EXCEL.dll to a dev or production environment. We will be purchasing the product after this issue is resolved.


Dear Vikas,

You don’t need to run Aspose.Excel.msi on your another development machine.

Aspose.Excel is a 100% .Net component so it strictly complies with .Net XCopy deployment strategy. In other words, if you can succeed in deploying a simplest web app into your another development server you must be able to deploy Aspose.Excel based web app too without doing any additional thing.

So please check your another development server by deploying a simplest web app. Then let me know what happens.