Do you require merge field

Hi Aspose team,
we have been developing a complex report i.e consisting of dynamic rows and columns, In a way we have achieved that. But we have done that using ‘Bookmark’ and then taking control of the entire table we are cloning the required columns.
But the entire stuff has been done without using merge field. Is this fine ?? We have achieved the results, but just wanted to check with the best practice of Aspose.
Thanks in Advance


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, I think this is fine to use mail merge. I suppose you use the same technique as I suggested here:
Best regards.

Thanks for the response.
But we have not even used mail merge, Instead we have taken control of the entire table using book mark and has writen into the cells using builder.write() functionality. Hope this is fine ???
Sample code what we have implemented

Cell vCell = (Cell) myTable.getRows().get(row).getChild(com.aspose.words.NodeType.CELL, cell, false);


Thank you for additional information. It is fine to use such technique, if it fits to your requirements.
Best regards.