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Doc2PDF and PDF digitalsign


We have mainly the need to convert word document to pdf and, after that, to allow the user to sign the PDF-document. This digital sign is done with the simple Acrobat Reader.

Very similar question here:

We are very interested in your products but i'm unsure if the product i'm interested in,

1) is available ...

2) is available in Aspose.Words only.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your inquiry. To digitally sign a PDF document when it is created by Aspose.Words, you should set the DigitalSignatureDetails property to a valid PdfDigitalSignatureDetails object and then save the document in the PDF format passing the PdfSaveOptions as a parameter into the Save method. Please see the following link to learn more:

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Thanks Andrey for response.

My goal is not to sign the document with your dll, but I just want to create a document with Words (ok), to export in PDF (ok) format ...

...and this PDF must be "signable" ( the future, with the Acrobat Reader).

I think after enabling a function document or particular attribute (?) such a doc could be signed (later) by standard version of Adobe Reader.

We can verify this option in (with Acrobat Reader app.)

File --> Properties --> Security --> Sign == allowed

I heard that A.Reader can only sign a document which have unsigned signature field ...."Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader"?

So is this option available now?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for additional informnation. Unfortunately this feature is still in process of analyzing. I cannot give you any estimate at the moment. Our developers will analyze the issue and then we will be able to provide you more information.

Best regards,

Thanks Andrey, I understand also the strategic difficulties of this thing.
I hope that this request will be analyzed (already submitted in March 2011 if I remember correctly). When it's possible, I would like to know (in time order :))...

1) Yes we do, no we do not

2) we do it and will be available in the release of December 2011 (es).



Thanks for your inquiry. Currently there is no way to achive what you need using Aspose.Words. Unfortunately, there is no estimate specified for this issue yet. Once our developers review the issue and provide an estimate, I will let you know.

Best regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-4541) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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