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Document has empty first page

    I'm creating a new doucment with some text on the first page. 

There is always a blank page inserted before this text. Is there
anyway to prevent this from happening? I’ve tried setting the section
start to continuous and still get an empty first page.

Here's my code. It looks like the ability to attach files to message has been removed? I can send you the created document with the syles defined.

    Document document = new Document(template);<br>


    DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(document);<br>

    builder.getParagraphFormat().setStyleName("Heading 2");  <br>




You can attach your document at the Options tab by clicking the Add/Update button under the File attachment label.

You stated that you're creating a new document, but as I can see from your code, you're opening an existing one. Could you please attach it also?

The options tab seems to have disappeared.- where is it supposed to be?


Can you see this tab?

Reply window

The Compose, Options, Related and Preview tabs are missing.

This is just weird… Surprise [:O] What browser are you using? Meanwhile, please send your document to

The latest Netscape Navigator, 8.1.2.

Works fine with the older netscape version and with IE, so must be a browser related bug.

The cause of the problem is that the paragraph format of the Heading 2 style in your template document has “Page break before” option on. I turned it off and attached the reworked template.