Document Hidden Field Insertion and Fetch



When we are working with Aspose to generate the document, we need to put some Document ID to that document to make it identified. In word, we have used hidden field to store that. When some user download the document make the necessary changes on it and then try sync it with the web version, then we are checking that document id whether the document is corrent or not. But in case of Aspose Word, we can’t do this because, there is nothing to read the hidden fields information in the Aspose Word. So we can’t check the Document ID of that document. We have used hidden field because of the security issue. Is there any option available to do the same with Aspose?

Please help me. Because this is a very critical one which we must need to support.




Use Document.CustomDocumentProperties and/or Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties for this purpose.

Let me know how exactly you insert hidden fields in MS Word (send a sample to and I will think about hidden fields too, maybe I can support these too.