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Document Name with brackets []

I am using Aspose.Words and Aspose.pdf. Every document showing to the screen even in Adobe Acrobat for pdf are named with an extra brackets in the name for an example documen name "name.doc" will show as "name[1].doc or as name[1].pdf

How can I stop adding these brackets in the name?


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Sorry, I didn't understand your problem. Could you please provide us your Word document and the Pdf document you have produced from that Word document and also elaborate your problem.


My word document name is "1369_OLebigot_Phase 1 Docs.doc". When I suse Aspose.words to open in word with the following line:

srcOpenDoc.Save(strDocumentName, Aspose.Words.SaveFormat.Doc, Aspose.Words.SaveType.OpenInWord, Me.Response)

The document opens in word with the name as "1369_OLebigot_Phase 1 Docs[1].doc". You can see that in the document name when open in word there is an extra bracket with a 1 [1]; why? and How can I fix it that the name is stay the same in Word.. (see print screen of the document name in my word)


I think that when you open any document using WebPage then might happen. For example if you just write click a WebPage and then View Source, so you will find that it will open up in Notepad and also it will be showing the same thing [1]. So, I don't think it some kind of bug. It's a normal behavior if you open something on the Web. You can also ask Aspose.Words about this problem.


I’ve encountered the same issue, assuming you’re using IE to open the doc. This apparently is an IE bug. See also:
[1] appearing in Word document filenames