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DocumentPageSplitter - Could not find class or interface Error

Hi, we are using Aspose.words for .NET v17.10.

Using Progress software to read a document and split pages and then plan to combine selected pages to a single document. I am having issue during splitting the pages.

On defining object of Aspose.Words.Layout.DocumentPageSplitter class type, am getting error :
Could not find class or interface Aspose.Words.Layout.DocumentPageSplitter

Am able to create object of other classes like ‘Aspose.Words.License’ , ‘Aspose.Words.Document’ , ‘Aspose.Words.DocumentBuilder’ , ‘Aspose.Words.Layout.LayoutCollector’ no issues there.

I have downloaded the Aspose.Words for .NET examples from GitHub. Found the PageSplitter example but cannot define the DocumentPageSplitter class.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please check PageSplitter utility in Aspose.Words for .NET examples repository at GitHub.