Docx to HTML- back to Docx

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I have noticed formatting differences when converting from one format to another. We were going to use Aspose for translating from docx to html and back again, but margins/indenting of numbered lists are incorrect. I think it’s because the html margins values (in pts) are saved and then when opened by Aspose as html and saved as docx, it keeps the values (ex. 85.25 pt), so exaggerated indents. Is this also a known issue? Is there a workaround?


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Please note that it is not guaranteed that the final DOCX output will look exactly the same as the input DOCX during the DOCX to HTML to DOCX round-trip. This is because Word and HTML formats are quite different. I would suggest you please visit the following links to learn about the features supported during importing/exporting from/to HTML format.

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