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Does Aspose.Email support SASL?

I’m trying to find whether or not Aspose.Email supports the SASL authentication and data security framework.

Id also be interested to find out whether or not SASL is widely used at all, and is considered mature - it looks like there are still quite a few SASL-related problems around.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for writing to us.

You can find references of SASL in Aspose.Email’s Imapclient and Smtpclient classes, representing the availability of such options. However, I could not find any additional details about your required information. I have requested further information in this regard from the development team and will update you as soon as it is available.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for being patient.

At present, Aspose.Email’s Imap, Smtp and Pop3 clents support some SASL mechanisms, but is limited to PLAINTEXT and XOAUTH2 authentications only.