Does Aspose Slides support Embedded Excel Sheets or "Cells"


Can I place an embedded excel or "Cells" within a slide and then edit the contents of that datasheet?

In order to do this, would I also need to purchase a license to the "Cells" product as well?


Let me answer my own question here. After reviewing the demo's it appears as if there is full support for embedded objects.

I can use either Aspose's clean component (Cells) or Microsoft's unstable libraries.

Easy decision.


You are right, that is possible to extract and add OLE objects to a slide.
But there are no ways to edit objects except Excel and Word (with Aspose.Cells and .Words).
Also there is known issue. You can read about it in the programmer’s guide.


This is a definite show stopper on our purchase. So, based on the above article, if I save my presentation directly as a read only power point show then none of my excel charts or worksheets will be visible?

Has anyone successfully created a power point add in or method of rending a thumbnail through your cells product so that it may be attached to the power point?

I need to make a decision soon, so your quick feedback is appreciated.


Yes, you are right, that shouldn’t work without manual updating excel sheets.
If I’m not mistaken there are no plans to implement rendering in the Aspose.Cells in the nearest future.
It’s better to ask in the Cells forum.

If you need just create charts I’d suggest using Aspose.Charts and insert chart images to a slide.
Also you can create tables directly on a slide instead of inserting OLE excel object.


We have a macro that allows our customer service rep to click on the excel slide and change a few input values to recalculate several ROI values within that excel sheet.

This is currently why we use an embedded xls. The only other option that I know of is to use a signed macro and promt for inputs. Do you have any other suggestions here?


You can create template powerpoint with slide and create table which looks similar to excel’s table.
After user recalculated values in excel you can read it with Aspose.Cells and copy values to the presentation.