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Does Aspose support excel functions?

I want to buy your Aspose.Cells product, but now function IF & it does not work.
Can you give me the list of functions that Aspose.Cells supported?
And I want to know that when will you support these functions (ex: IF)?
Best regard,

It seem the function work, but when I save it to excel file & view it by MS Excel Viewer, it does not correct. I do it as follow:

1. Create a template excel file with cells(1, 0) has formula: =IF(A1>0,“positive”,“negative”), A1 does not set.
2. use Aspose.Cells open that template file, set value to A1 is 10.
3. Calculate workbook: wb.CalculateFormula().
4. Get value of A1: ws.Cells(1, 0).Value -> “positive”: it is correct.
5. Save workbook to file: wb.Save(“sample.xls”)
6. Use MS Excel Viewer open file “Sample.xls” -> value of A1 is “negative”: ???

Best regards,

Hi Khai,

IF function is supported in Aspose.Cells. What's the problem? Which version of Aspose.Cells are you using?

For a whole supported list, please check

Hi Khai,

For performance issue, Aspose.Cells doesn't write the formula result into Excel files but lets MS Excel re-calculate them automatically. Is there any option in MS Excel viewer to let it re-calculate the formulas when opening files automatically?

Hi Laurence,

In MS Excel Viewer does not have the option re-calculate formulas. It just view the result excel file (after caculated).

But I want to use MS Excel Viewer to view my report. if Aspose.Cells
does not write the result to file, MS Excel Viewer can not view my
report exactly.

have you any opinion about my problem?
Best regards,

Hi Khai,

I will try to write the formula result after calling CalculateFormula method in the future version. It will take about 1-2 weeks. Following is a list of supported functions in formula calculation engine

Aspose.Cells API Reference pages.

Thanks for you reply,

I will waiting for your update.
Anyway, please let me know when you have new version.

Best regards,

hi Laurence,

As you told me before, “you will write the formula result after calling CalculateFormula method”.
Please let me know did you complete it yet?


Hi Khai,

Please try this attached fix.

Hi Laurence,

I have tried it, but it does not work.


Sorry Laurence,

It work fine. It is my mistake.

Please tell me when will you release new version?


Hi Khai,

Hopefully the next version will be available within a week or so.

Thank you.

yeah, thank you very much.
when you have the next version, please email to me: khaitrandinh@yahoo.com



We recommend you to kindly try and upgrade to latest version of Aspose.Cells which has become more efficient and feature rich API. This new product provides lot more control over the calculation engine like implementing custom calculation engine to extend the Aspose.Cells calculation engine, directly calculating the formulas, setting shared formulas, decreasing the calculation time of Cell.Calculate function, setting formula calculation mode of workbook and many other features are supported. See a sample example to directly calculate the formula.
Sample code:

// Create a workbook
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

// Access first worksheet
Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];

// Put 20 in cell A1
Cell cellA1 = worksheet.Cells["A1"];

// Put 30 in cell A2
Cell cellA2 = worksheet.Cells["A2"];

// Calculate the Sum of A1 and A2
var results = worksheet.CalculateFormula("=Sum(A1:A2)");

// Print the output
System.Console.WriteLine("Value of A1: " + cellA1.StringValue);
System.Console.WriteLine("Value of A2: " + cellA2.StringValue);
System.Console.WriteLine("Result of Sum(A1:A2): " + results.ToString());

Following articles can be referred for more information on working with calculation engine and other formula calculation related features:
Formula Calculation Engine in Aspose.Cells
Ways to Calculate Formulas
Working with Calculation Engine

Please download the latest version for a free trail of this product:
Aspose.Cells for .NET(Latest version)

Here you can download a ready to run solution that can be used to test different features of the product.