Does aspose support Silverlight?

We want to involve Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells in our Silverlight application to generate Word and Excel reports, but i don’t know whether Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells support Silverligth or not. Thanks.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, of course Aspose.Words supports Silverlight.
You can look at an example of integration by clicking on this link.
This is a live demo.
If during development you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will be glad to help.

Hi Locke,
Thanks for your inquiry.
In addition to what Viktor has said, that demo demonstrates how to view documents in Silverlight using Aspose.Words. If you are looking for full intergration of Aspose.Words in the Silverlight platform to generate and work with documents then I’m afraid this is currently unsupported.
We have been looking into creating a Silverlight version of Aspose.Words but we postponed creating such version and until when we finish work on auto-porting .NET version of Aspose.Words to Java. This is because there are some .NET libraries that are not avaliable in Silverlight. During autoporting to Java these libraries will be abstracted away which will open the road for a Silverlight version. At the moment we almost finished work on auto-porting. So we will try creating such version in the near future.

How would you use Aspose.Words in Silverlight? What features do you need? Your description of use cases of Aspose.Words in Silverlight can help us to better understand what features should be included into the Silverlight version of Aspose.Words.

hi, we plan to use Aspose.Word and Excel to generate reports on a silverlight4.0 web system. They should be based pre-defined reports templates, and insert data into the templates.

The templates are on server, enable to generate report on-the-fly for users to download.

I know on standard web pages, we are using this way to generate reports, so I want to make sure if it ok on Siliverlight. For both Word and Excel.


Hi Locke,
Thanks for your reply. We will take your feedback into account when we plan our work for the Silverlight version.

Since auto-porting .Net to Java is completed, what about a Silverlight version of Aspose.Words.
I would be nice if the DocBuilder object could be executed on the client-side but the feature I most need is conversion. Being able to perform client-side conversion of a Word document to Xps or Pdf would allow me to quickly display documents being built on the client without round trips to the server.

Thanks for your request. I added your vote for this feature to the appropriate issue.
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Dear all,
We are currently using Aspose.Word to generate report in C# Application. We are also looking to use Aspose.Word to generate reports on a silverlight platform. They should be based on pre-defined reports templates, and insert data into the templates.
Is there any news on Aspose.Word support for Silverlight support since Feb 2011 ?
Thank you by advance for your answer.
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Hi Jacques,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m afraid there is no developments regarding this issue yet. We will inform you as soon as there is any news.