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Does aspose.word allow cutom buttons

Question is, we will need to allow a user to edit a document and hit a save button which will stream the change letter to a database. Can we add our own custom buttons to do this ?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

The point is Aspose.Word is not a visual control but a programmatic component. What buttons are you speaking of? Please provide more details about your task.


A letter is generated by the user using a template and the created letter is stored in a database .

The user then at a later date wants to go back to that letter and edit it in a web form or you componenet. once the user has finished editing they hit a button which will save that letter back to the DB with the changed letter. The button i am talking about , if it can be done, is a button added by our deveopment team with code behind to do all the ness coneection to the DB and save etc

We are looking to purchase based on the above . If this can be done then this is an ideal component for our company

The user cannot edit a document in Aspose.Word. Only a program can read, modify and write Word documents using Aspose.Word.

If you want the document to be opened in Microsoft Word and have a custom button on the toolbar or right in the document, then you need to do this in MS Word, create a button and attach some VBA code or, if you want to use .NET, then use VSTO2005 so the button invokes some function in the .NET assembly you attach to the document.

Aspose.Word is needed if you want to programmatically open the document (does not matter on the server or desktop), examine the content of the document, add/modify insert things, format, generate report and save in DOC, HTML or PDF formats - all programmatically, there is no user interface.

Aspose.Word does not replace Microsoft Word and does not replace VSTO and Office Automation if you want some code to be shipped with the document and interact with the user. But Aspose.Word will replace Office Automation in a server environment where you need to process or generate many reports or documents. There are many scenarios where Aspose.Word and Office Automation could coexist.