Does Java version of Aspose.Cells have its own calculation engine?

I have read posts about support for built in-caclulations for the .NET version of Aspose.Cells.<br><br>My question is does the java version of Aspose.Cells have it's own calculation engine, and if so could you post a short example of how to use it.  I have downloaded a demo version of the software, and it appears to me that formulas cannot be evaluted in the java version, that instead I would have to open the file in an Excel client to let excel calculate the values in formulas.<br><br>Thank you,<br><br>        Sincerely,<br><br>         -Phil<br>


Hi Phil,

Aspose.Cells for Java doesn't have a calculation engine yet but now we are developing it. When will you need this feature? And could you please post a file to show your need for built-in functions?


Hi Laurence,

I don’t have a file, but I need to support polynomial equations

such as y=6x^3+5x^2-2
and also y=e^(5*x)

I need all of the basic math functions including exponents, logarithms and addition,subtraction,
multiplication and division.

I also plan to create charts using the trend line features of excel using linear, power, logarithmic and polynomial regression lines… of course, that part might be an excel only feature.

I have created a sample file that I will upload that shows some of the statistics functions that I will need. I have used the “array” versions of some functions so that I can get data that is suitable for graphing tend lines including linear, power curves and exponential lines.

I could wait up to a month for the features, but after that it’s less clear. I’m working on a project now that needs these capabilities, but I like what I see from your company, so I would be willing show some flexibility as long as you were willing to commit to first-class support of the java version of the calc engine.



We have received your files.

Now we are testing the basic math functions and doing with the Excel statistics functions .

We will support all the functions in the your files within a month.



Please try this fix.

We hava supported calculate the formula in your files.

You can use Wookbook.calculateFormula method to calculate formula.

Note : We remove the const CellValueType.Formula and add Cell.isFormula() method to decide whether cell contains formula.



Please try this fix.

We have supported calculate the formulas in your files.

You can use Wookbook.calculateFormula method to calculate formulas.

Note : We remove the const CellValueType.FORMULA and add Cell.isFormula() method to decide whether cell contains formula.


Thank you, Warren. I will try it out and get back to you this week.





Sorry for my mistake.We forgot to remove debug info about calculating formulas.

Please retry this fix.


Thank you for adding these features.

Once I followed your instructions on how to call formulaCalculate(); it worked.

Workbook book = new Workbook();“c:\Northwind.xls”);

I have another question, which will probably lead to a request, but I will post it in a new thread to make it easier for other peolple to find it.