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Does office and aspose support multiple pies in one chart?

I have a general question:

Does office (and aspose) support multiple pies in one chart?
When providing a matrix of data, office can usually create a chart for the whole matrix. Except when it comes to pies. I would expect it to create one pie for each series, but it only seems to create one pie for the 1st serie only.
So, I guess that I would have to create a pie chart for each serie myself, right?

Perhaps I should ask MS not you, but if you know let me know.

Hi Kostas,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the requirements shared by you and like to share that MSO charts only generate the Pie chart for the first chart series only. Aspose.Slides also does the same and it is in fact not a shortcoming in Aspose.Slides as it is implemented the same way in case of MSO Charts using PowerPoint. Please share with us if you are able to carry out with this using PowerPoint and I will try to help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,
Yes, I think I can make one chart for each series by myself (although it would be somewhat time consuming to place them on the right place in the slide).

Another question that I had (if you want to answer it) is this:

int lRet = pChart.ChartData.Series.Add(lFact.GetCell(lDefaultWorksheetIndex, 0, i + 1, SeriesName), pChart.Type);

Should I use a different lDefaultWorksheetIndex for every different chart?
If I use the same lDefaultWorksheetIndex for 2 charts will sth bad happen?

(I now see that PowerPoint adds extra rows below my chart data like this : "Category 4 4,5 2,8 5". Odd!)

Hi Kostas,

The work sheet holds the chart data and you can keep it any work sheet you want. Even, one sheet can accommodate the multiple charts data. Actually, the cells in worksheet are mapped to categories and series in charts. So, as long as that mapping is preserved for you, you can keep the multiple charts data in single sheet but the cells must be different for multiple charts.

Many Thanks,

OK. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

It’s just that I’ve noticed that nothing breaks even if you provide the same worksheet index and the same cell coordinates for two charts (if I’m not missing sth, you still get different excel worksheets for each chart). That made me a little currious. Perhaps it’s sth with ChartDataCellFactory that forces the creation of a different worksheet per chart.

Hi Kostas,

I like to share that the you can even map the chart series for different charts even to same cells inside the sheet. Whatever value that cell will hold the charts will share that value. The important thing is that cell has belonging to chart series point.

Many Thanks,