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Don't let doc > pdf conversion fail when exception occurs

The last couple of months we started to make active use of the Saaspose .doc > .pdf conversion service. Often we face conversion errors (8% of all conversions), which result in a crashing conversion proces. We believe the conversion should not stop when an element in the document can not be converted. Since our core business heavily depends on this conversion, we always want that a PDF is returned.

We are interested in everybody’s opinion on this matter. We think it is a bad thing that it even is possible to let the conversion crash, since document conversion is the core business of Aspose. Ofcourse we understand that no software can be bug-free, so please understand that is not the point we’re trying to make.

Is it an option to skip elements in the conversion process that are unable to be converted? We think it is fine if a placeholder is placed when it is impossible to convert an element.

Hi Richard,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

We will get back to you after discussing this issue with the developers. Can you please share if the situation has improved after these issues https://forum.aspose.com/t/24576 are resolved?

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad,

I do not know or all our problems are solved if the issues from the table are solved. This table is based on documents we have sent to you earlier, but in the meanwhile we received other documents with fatal errors. For each document I will create a separate, private topic, so it will be easier for us to track the progress of the bugfixing.

We are willing to help you guys testing where the errors are in those documents, but that does cost us a lot of API calls. Can you make our “QA App” (app id 3086) an “unlimited app” for example?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post. Your error rate seems a lot higher than the average, of course some files can be corrupt or include features we don’t support but for most users these are exceptions. It often depends on where the documents originate (created by Word or some other product) or if they include some combination of objects.

So it would be great to get a better look at your files to work out what may be the core issue - I expect it may be a feature or combination of features we do not often see. The best way to help you test quicker would be if I create you a separate QA account at our Aspose for Cloud testing servers for a limited period - I’ll do this can get in touch via email.

It would also be helpful if you are able to send test files which failed conversion to us directly via file sharing then we can pass them to the Words/Pdf/Cells development teams and have the route causes analysed more quickly. Actually every customer issue we experience gets added to our Automated Test Suites so we have a pretty huge number of test files already but it’s always possible to see some combination of features which we haven’t before so it would be really helpful.

In the meantime I’ll catch up with support team about your issues so far and they will update you on progress.

Hi Billy, thanks for your clear reply.

The QA API test account you’re talking about would be great. A while ago we were debugging all the documents that contained errors and that did cost a lot of API calls and money. You can send the new testserver credentials to richard@scribbr.nl

At the moment we’re uploading every document to this forum that does not pass our conversion process. All those topics are marked as private. This makes it easier for us to track the bugfixing process, but honestly this isn’t optimal. Do you also have a solution for this?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your inquiry. I’m sorry to share with you that currently there is no way to achieve an alternative solution. You can directly send us a zip file of these problematic documents or upload the files to some free file sharer. Furthermore through the QA API test account, we will be able to fetch failure cases more pro-actively. So I hope it will also minimize your forum threads as well.